Our branding process is unique. Not only do we understand your business, we have developed a bespoke marketing system to help your business connect your brand with your target audience.


is much more than just a logo and slogan. This is how your company presents itself on the market to your customers.

It’s every possible touchpoint and interaction your customers have with your products, services, values and promises.

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Let our Iluminna experts help you build your brand. We know exactly what we can do.


01 Strategy

01 Strategy

The business world is busier than ever. It can be overwhelming trying to rise above all the distractions to really connect with your customers.

We help you define your target audience, understand your positioning and message, and create cohesive brand elements and environments that build real culture.

02 Marktforschung

02 Research

The next step at Iluminna, your digital marketing agency in Berlin, is to get to know you and your company better.

Understanding your audience is much more than just knowing basic demographic information. We do a lot of research to give you the best result. Research that ensures you have the right message, audience, place and time.

03 Planning

We create marketing plans that are clear, simple and flexible.

Our team of experts get to work, designing your individual brand and refining your message.

Your business will captivate future customers like never before and enable accelerated growth.

04 Results

With your new brand, our marketing experts make sure you’re fully trained to move forward and grow.

Get ready for real, measurable business growth with a beautiful new brand.

What can we do for you, your project and your company? We are looking forward to working together!

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